The Architect by Tiffany Hoy

AnthropoScene Film Competition

The Anthropocene forms the backdrop to the 2016 International Festival of Landscape Architecture. It registers a profound moment in humanity’s relationship to the natural world that it inhabits. To mark this moment, the AnthropoScene film competition invited short films from around the world.

FESTIVAL LIVE: A jury of seven international design professionals selected eight shortlisted finalists, from a staggering 141 films received. These eight short films were screened on the evening of Friday 28 October 2016, at the Garden of Australian Dreams, National Museum of Australia. Having viewed all eight films an audience several hundred strong voted, with their voices!

The winning entry , The Architect by Tiffany Hoy, is embedded below:


The Architect – Tiffany Hoy

The shortlisted submissions were as follows:

  • Caustico – Joshua Ashish Dawson
  • The Anthropocene is a meditation about time – Andrew MacKenzie, Sam Hinton, Sue Elin, and Wu Hao
  • Sic Erat Scriptum – Evan Mather
  • What Are You Doing? – Neeti Nayak
  • La graine – The seed – Adèle Millet-Lacombe & Mégane Millet-Lacombe
  • A submission to the enquiry into the death of an architect – Robert Nugent
  • Fortunate Isles: Landings – Jacob Rivkin

The jury included:

  • International Festival of Landscape Architecture Creative Director Richard Weller
  • Author and Artist Paul Carter
  • Architect and Futurist Liam Young
  • Harvard University’s Silvia Benedito
  • University of Southern California’s Aroussiak Gabrielian
  • Editor in Chief of LA+ Tatum Hands
  • Visual Anthropologist and National Museum of Australia Head Curator Kirsten Wehner