Foreshore Park artists impression Image: The Walker Group
Foreshore Park artists impression Image: The Walker Group

The Foreground five: Our most-read stories for November 2018

Our feature exploring a massive private property development within a protected wetland of global significance topped the most-read list in November – unsurprisingly perhaps, given the development is now the subject of an unfolding scandal for Australia’s federal government.

1. Hostile pave-over: development threatens fragile eco-systems along Queensland’s coast

As both the Queensland and federal Governments continue to threaten environmentally reckless development on a fragile wetland, perhaps the choice is not between economic and environmental interests, but between short-term and long-term thinking.

2. Traffic connector, community disconnector: increased traffic and pedestrians don’t mix

Touted as road improvements to “reduce travel time, improve connectivity and support urban renewal” current plans for the southern fringe of Sydney continue a pattern of dividing urban communities with ever more congested roads.

3.Requiem or renewal? How tropical Darwin can regain its cool

Having spent five years advising the Northern Territory Government on heat mitigation, Lawrence Nield reflects on the challenges and opportunities facing Australia’s blistering top end.

4. Green gentrification and how to avoid it

Parks improve our neighbourhoods, boost our health, strengthen our communities and combat the effects of climate change. In short, greening our cities make them more liveable. But who really benefits?

5. “Resort tourism meets rainforest feral”? It’s time to rethink the tropical city

Like many cities in the tropics, Australia’s Cairns is booming. How it manages that growth will determine whether it becomes an exemplar of urban sustainability in turbulent times, or a cautionary tale.