Mods by Fleetwood Urban: Innovation Campus
Mods by Fleetwood Urban: Innovation Campus
Writer Fleetwood
Imagery Fleetwood
Posted on October 7, 2017
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Bringing design quality to the outdoor community

Mod produces highly designed, cost-effective shelter and restroom products for the public domain. They produce a variety of product ranges designed by the architectural community, for the outdoor community.
Writer Fleetwood
Imagery Fleetwood
Posted on October 7, 2017

Mod produces highly designed, cost effective shelter and restroom products for local councils, developers, schools and civil/landscaping contractors. Their vision is to enable people to live outdoors through beautiful, cost-effective design by forging partnerships with expert designers to deliver the best products available.

The Mod Family designers are landscape architects, urban designers, architects or industrial designers. These award-winning professional designers produce their designs, which the Mod design team take and bring to life.

Since launching in 2016, Mod have been involved in the enhancement and beautification of many projects along Australia’s eastern seaboard, including projects for developers, government bodies and even the private sector.

Lull Shelter: Lull creates a sense of calm with its main architectural feature; a rhythmical membrane canopy.
Leios Shelter: Leios (Greek for “slender") is approachable, defined and easily recognisable.
Mods by Fleetwood Urban: Innovation Campus
Mods by Fleetwood Urban: Innovation Campus
Beaches Restroom: timeless in shape, functional to the brief, and simple in production and installation.


BEACHES: Georg Petzold – Scape Design

Petzold is a German trained landscape architect with over 15 years of professional experience in the design and construction industry. His portfolio extends from small to large-scale projects in Australia, Asia and Europe. Petzold is passionate about design and is able to deliver complex projects.

LEIOS: Benjamin Driver + Adrian Chan – Hill Thalis Architecture

Under Philip Thalis’ direction, Driver and Chan have worked on a range of public domain projects at varying scales. It is this combined experience that brings a sensible and considered approach to designing a family for Mod. They are aware that the elements of Mod must be timeless and enduring, and complete an iterative design process which is wholly collaborative with Mod, to achieve this beautiful family.

LULL: Toby Breakspear – Breakspear Architects

Breakspear Architects is an ideas-driven office that offers services in architecture, interiors and concept development. The practice embraces the collaborative nature of design to produce work with material and intellectual coherence. They revel in both the practical and abstract sides of architecture by thinking strategically with clients about social, environmental, technological, economic and spatial issues.


Award Winning Designs

Mod provides unique access to the work of award-winning architectural designers at an accessible price point. These designs are flat-packed and incredibly quick and easy to install on site.

The Best People

Mod delivers the best products on the market by partnering expert engineers and manufacturers with award winning architects and designers.

Seamless Experiences

Mod is the way to create your own modular picnic shelter or public restroom at a very accessible price point, through a straight-forward purchasing/specification experience.

Providing For Local Council

Mod provides local government (by way of pre-accredited contracts) with a fast and convenient procurement process for expertly designed picnic shelters and public restrooms.

The Perfect Solution

Mod Families are created by award winning Australian urban architects and manufactured efficiently to provide inexpensive, but gorgeous picnic shelters and public restrooms.


Call Fleetwood on 1300 989 100 or click here to get in touch and find out more about what Mod has to offer.

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