A snapshot of Foreground's first year.
A snapshot of Foreground's first year.
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Posted on November 9, 2017

As Foreground turns one, we have a question: how are we doing?

Foreground was launched in October 2016 with an ambitious brief to build a national conversation about cities, places and the people who make them. Now, one year later, we are taking stock and would like your input.
Writer Foreground
Imagery Foreground
Posted on November 9, 2017

[Click here  to answer 10 simple questions that will help us improve your experience with Foreground]

As a partnership between the independent design publisher Uro Publications and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), Foreground’s primary editorial focus has been to explore the open spaces and urban conditions that shape the way we live. From pocket parks, botanic gardens and productive landscapes, to high streets, waterfronts and public plazas, Foreground throws a light on the ever-changing ecology, evolving communities and expanding infrastructure of our cities.

Consistent with this broad editorial scope, Foreground embraces a diverse readership, including both built environment professionals, such as landscape architects, urban designers and planners, and a growing general public that is interested in, and committed to, our sustainable urban future.

AILA’s Chair, Linda Corkery, described Foreground as a key strategic priority, to help reach a broad audience and build an improved understanding of the work of landscape architects. “We welcome the growth and establishment of Foreground and we’re pleased to see that the platform is communicating with a much broader community than AILA’s current membership,” Corkery said.

Over the past year, Foreground has published more than 170 articles covering such topics as planning and transport, environment and technology, culture and politics, all through the lens of landscape architecture and the public space of the city.

Ron Jones, centre, speaking at the Urban Ecology panel
Rueben Berg, right, speaking at the Urban Ecology panel
An audience member at the Urban Ecology forum poses a question to the panel.
The Cities for Children panel responds to a question from the crowd.
Councillor Jess Miller from the City of Sydney presents at the Cities for Children forum.
The special-edition Foreground newspaper, produced for the 2017 International Festival of Landscape Architecture.

During this period, over 44,000 people have read Foreground – an online audience that continues to grow by roughly 40 percent a quarter, alongside the growing online communities of Foreground’s  Facebook, Twitter, and e-newsletter platforms.

Foreground has also hosted a program of events that has proved successful across both professional and nonprofessional communities. During Melbourne Design Week at the National Gallery of Victoria, Foreground hosted a panel discussion on Urban Ecology, while Sydney’s Darling Quarter saw our forum Cities for Children in June.

But now it’s time to hear from you. Foreground would like to ask you a few short questions, to help us get to know more about our audience, what you like about Foreground, and where you think we might be able to make improvements.

Answer 10 simple questions here that will help us improve your experience with Foreground.

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